Your Local Window Cleaner

We are a family-owned, local window cleaning business that provides window cleaning services throughout the Chester area.

Cleaning both Residential and Commercial customers since 2010.

The service we provide includes thoroughly cleaning your uPVC window frames on every visit.

Commercial and Residential Window Cleaning

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How Much Does Window Cleaning Cost?

Is the most often asked question we get asked, followed by “How often do you come?”

As previously mentioned, the significant customer benefit from water fed window cleaning is your windows do not need cleaning as often.

In days gone by, most window cleaners visited every two weeks; however, the trend these days is now every four weeks or every eight weeks if you live in a rural area without lots of trees and birds (the obvious reason I mention birds!)

So that is what we offer either once every four weeks or once every eight weeks.

Unlike most window cleaners in the area, we do not charge anything extra to go onto the eight-week schedule – it’s all about what’s right for you.

If you go to our Window Cleaning Cost page, you will get a good indicator of our prices.