Car Dealership Window Cleaning

Clean Premises – You get 1 Chance to impress a customer.

Most modern car dealerships are built with lots of glass and steel.

Sparkling, clean glass will make a massive impact on both new and old customers alike.

Commercial Window Cleaning in Chester provides a professional and reliable car dealership window cleaning service, often working when the dealership is closed.

Our vast experience and knowledge in office window cleaning, apartment block window cleaning, and school window cleaning make us the perfect choice to clean your car dealership windows.

Methods of Cleaning Windows.

Virtually all of the exterior window cleaning is done with water fed pole and pure water.

This method is safer and leaves a higher quality finish when compared to the mop and squeegee method.

All interior window cleaning is done with the traditional window cleaning equipment of a mop and squeegee.

If you would like all of your offices and service reception glass areas, we can also take care of those.

Risk Assessment & Method Statements

In over 12 years of business, we have never had a breach of health and safety rules and regulations,

We complete a full risk assessment and method statement before any cleaning being carried out.

When you chose Window Cleaners in Chester for your school window cleaning contract, you can be guaranteed that your windows will be left streak-free and sparkling.

Helping to create the right impression for your customers, your staff, and the Manufacturer alike.

Case Study - Prestige Dealer Chester

The boss wanted a new car and was visiting a large, well-known Dealership in the Chester area to look at what they had to offer.

As a window cleaner, even when you are off duty, you still notice dirty window,s and this was the case when the boss was car shopping.

He decided to approach the car dealerships Head of Business the next day to determine why their windows were so dirty.

The dealership asked us to quote and subsequently take over the window cleaning.



To perform a first clean of all external windows on the site as well as all internal glass. After the first clean, a schedule of 2 external cleans and 1 internal clean per month was arranged.


The external windows did not present any issues and were thoroughly cleaned and soon brought up to the required standard.

However, the insides of the tall showroom windows were in a very dusty and grimey state, having been skipped several times by the previous window cleaners.

For Health and Safety reasons, ladders were not an option, and the method of using a long pole with a mop and squeegee would not guarantee a satisfactory level of clean.


Most of our staff are holders of IPAF licenses, so the obvious choice was to use a small and lightweight MEWP or elevated platform.

We brought in the smallest and lightest we could find as we did not want to crack or damage any expensive ceramic floor tiles.

The specification also included special white rubber tyres so as not to leave any marks on the floor.

The Result

The interior windows were now up to a high standard, and all the tall windows could now be cleaned with a long pole on the regular monthly clean.

As a thank you for the new contract at no extra charge, we also changed a whole lot of lightbulbs that could not be reached without a cherrypicker.

image of a bmw car dealership
Car Dealership Window Cleaning