Conservatory Cleaning Chester

We are Your Local Conservatory Cleaner for Chester

We have been cleaning Conservatories and Conservatory Roofs in your area since 2010.

Over the last 10 years we have completed in excess of well over 250 Conservatory Cleaning tasks and every customer has been delighted.

Once completed the term we hear most often from our very satisfied customer is “It’s like new again”.

At Window Cleaners in Chester we take pride in our work and we won’t be happy until you are happy.

Conservatory Roof Cleaning

Full Valet or just the Roof?

We offer two levels of cleaning – starting with just the exterior of the roof. This is ideally cleaned once or twice a year.

Some customers after they have has us complete a full valet, ask us to return to periodically just clean the roof.

For a Conservatory that is best perhaps described as “neglected” the best plan of action is a full valet for both inside and out.

The Full Valet process is as follows:

  • Protective sheets place over the floor and furnishings etc
  • Eco Friendly biological cleaner applied to all internal structures and panels
  • Window and Roof tracks cleaned
  • All nooks and crannies hoovered and cleansed
  • All interior glass and roof panels cleaned with traditional mop and squeegee

We then move to the exterior of the conservatory.

  • Entire outer surfaces sprayed with an orange peel based Eco Friendly cleaning agent
  • All exterior structures such as spars and finials cleaned by hand and scrubbed clean
  • Gutters emptied and down-pipes checked for blockages
  • Exterior rinsed off with tap water if available
  • Exterior now detailed with pure water to bring that sparkle back
  • Hinges oiled
  • Exterior UPVC treated to a restorer and enhancer.

What is the cost of Conservatory Cleaning?

For an exterior conservatory roof, clean our prices start at £25.

This would be for the exterior of the conservatory roof panels on a small to medium-sized conservatory.

If you email or call with some information regarding the number of roof panels then most times we can give you a good idea of the costs over the phone.

image of a conservatory being cleaned

What is Best for Cleaning Conservatory Roof?

We find the best products to use are Eco-friendly cleaning agents made from natural substances such as orange peel.

Once we have removed the outer layers of grime we then approach it with pure water as this leaves the exterior surfaces sparkling clean.


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